Danielle Arps
Home Away From Home
Home Away From Home
Locked Out
Most mornings, Danielle’s unpredictable schedule has her rushing out to appointments all over the city—sometimes without remembering to lock her apartment door. Now, thanks to her Wink app-compatible Schlage lock system, she never has to worry about accidentally leaving her home unprotected again.
Climate Control
Stay Cool
Danielle’s Aros air conditioner ensures that her apartment will always be comfortable, even in warm weather. With remote access via the Wink app on her smartphone, this on-the-go New Yorker can activate her Aros from anywhere and begin cooling her home before she even arrives.
Brilliant By Design
Danielle’s Phillips hue bulbs offer infinite opportunities for inspiration and lighting. Capable of replicating both daylight and the full spectrum of colors, Danielle’s hue bulbs can change the look and feel of her apartment with just one touch.
Home Away From Home
As a young professional in New York City, Danielle’s fast-paced schedule is flooded with work and social obligations that keep her out of her house for long stretches at a time. While on the move, Danielle depends on Wink to control the lighting, security features, and temperature in her home, giving her freedom and peace of mind wherever the day may take her.